Having been active on the FX market since 2013, we know how to take care of your security. We use the same security features as in online banking.

For 8 years, we have been making every effort to ensure that every transaction is conducted in a safe manner. The purchased currency immediately appears in your wallet after the order is completed and is ready for withdrawal.. As an obligated institution, we have a number of procedures related to transaction security. We are part of Payholding. One of the largest currency exchange companies in Poland ..

Types of security

SMS authorization

You authorize all operations with SMS codes, thanks to which you have full control over the transactions.

Safe bank accounts.

All orders are secured on specially designated accounts in major Polish banks.

SSL protocol

SSL certificate and top-notch technical infrastructure

KNF – Financial Supervision Committee

We provide services in accordance with the canon of good practices of the financial market of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The quality of our services is confirmed by: