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Frank szwajcarski jest jedną z pięciu najważniejszych walut na Forexie.

Switzerland is considered to be one of the safest countries. The federation has been famous for its banks for many years. You can officially pay in Swiss francs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We divide it into 100 centimes or 100 rappens. The monetary authority in Switzerland is the Swiss National Bank (SNB), i.e. the Swiss National Bank.


The first swiss coins were minted in Strasbourg and Paris!

It was introduced in 1850 and thanks to the intensive development of the economy, the currency later turned out to be a great success. The first swiss coins were minted in Strasbourg and Paris! In the beginning, the franc lived in the shadow of his colleague – the French franc. For many years it was exchanged for gold, it was only in 2000 that the dependency was lifted by the SNB (Swiss National Bank) as a result of a referendum.

Banknotes on the reverse have security features in the form of metallic threads and microprints. They feature outstanding personalities from the world of science and culture, such as Jakub Burckhardt.

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