Is currency exchange at Amronet safe?

The owner of the site is the company Payholding Sp. z. o.o., which is the largest group of online exchange websites in Poland. pays special attention to the security of transactions and personal data. According to the existing law, personal data are reported to the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection (General Inspector). Each customer has access to their personal data, as well as the ability to modify and delete it.

In addition, the safety of the legality of foreign currency transactions is secured by the General Inspector of Financial Information (GIFI).

For the safety of data transmission, we use encrypted link with the EV SSL Certificate, which confirms the security of data transmission via website. This is the same method of security as used in electronic banking and proved to be reliable. To increase the level of data integrity, we have introduced a time limit for each session. It is 15 minutes, starting from the moment of logging in, and it is resumed for another quarter of an hour after your activity. If the activity is not recognized after that time, the session automatically expires. In order to improve service quality and safety, we launched the SMS CODE function. During the execution of any orders from your account, it sends an SMS with the code to the phone number that was provided during the registration. Only after entering this code while being logged in, the execution of transactions will be possible. As a result, the third party will not be able to manage your account at the platform.

For safety reasons, the SMS CODE is used during withdrawal transactions and adding a new bank account.

All this brings the high level of security when using our services, offering you comfort and control over your funds 24 h / 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Payholding company received three Certificates proving the highest level of currency exchange services: First Certificate – Laur Konsumenta “Discovery of the Year”. Second Certificate Laur Eksperta 2016/2017 and the third Certificate of Quality, Trust, Reputation “Good Brand”. We have been trusted by thousands of customers, who exchange hundreds of millions PLN around the world.


What is the SMS Code?

It is a six-digit code sent to the Customer’s mobile phone number that was specified during the registration process. SMS code is an additional authorization for withdrawals to your bank account or adding a new bank account.

How does SMS Code work?

Each order made by the Customer is authorized by an SMS that is sent to the mobile phone number.

How to use the SMS Code?

After completing the registration, the SMS Code service starts automatically. The service can be used during the payment of funds to your bank account and when you add a new bank account. Every time the SMS code comes to a mobile phone number specified during the registration.

Why is encryption used?

Encryption is used in order to secure data transmission.

How to recognize a website that is encrypted?

Encrypted website can be recognised as follows:

The address displayed by the browser starts with https: //. Our website is

Moreover, the website address bar is highlighted in green

After clicking on the address bar, you can find the name of the institution, for which the Certificate was issued.

What Certificates do we use?

We use the strongest SSL Extended Validation (EV SSL) encryption with a key length of 128 bits using authenticated Certificate.

Session timeout

For security reasons, after logging into your account, there is a time limit set for a session, which is 15 minutes. Each activity of the Customer resets the time limit for another 15 minutes. If no action is taken, after this time you will be automatically logged out.

Full access to your account and funds 24/7

Each user, who made a deposit of funds to the platform’s bank accounts, in order to exchange, has permanent access to their money. At any moment, you may submit an order to exchange the funds that you have in your wallet. The account is available for each Customer 24/7.


Why Amronet

  • Savings up tp 9%
  • Exchanges 24/7 online
  • Automatic accounting of funds

More about Amronet?

Amronet is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform that enables you to exchange currency through the Internet. By purchasing for example EUR 10 000, you may save up to a couple of thousand PLN.

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