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The most innovative currency exchange platform

Below we present promotional campaigns which were specially prepared for new and existing customers, with an offer of express transfers in EURO all over the world. Choose one of the promotional campaigns ideal for your business.

The best possible exchange with 90% discount

You save 90% of the commission in the first month. Register a free account.

During the 30 day period, the best available rate with 90% of discount for the first month of exchanging, the commission will be only 0,02% instead of 0,2%.


How does it work

how much can you gain

By recommending your friend, you may get PLN 50 or PLN 100 and 25% from each of that person’s exchange indefinitely.

. The condition to get PLN 50, which will be added to your Amronet account, is that your friend must exchange the amount of PLN 5000 within 3 months.


Do you import in Euro?

Fast foreign transfers Express Target

Save and take benefits. W Amronet płatność można zrealizować także w systemie Target.

Płatności są realizowane w trybie ekspresowym realizacji, w terminie D (w dniu zlecenia).


Why us?

Speed, safety and comfort of exchange are the main advantages of using the Internet platform

We work 24/7. We receive and send currency all over the world. We send the Euro currency in Express mode, which means it appears on your trade partner’s account in less than an hour.

What currencies do we support?

Through you can buy PLN, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and RUB. Amronet has an offer for entrepreneurs and individual customers.

What’s the cost of buying currency?

The only charge for the customer is a small commission from 0,2% up to 0,08%. doesn’t charge Customers with any currency spread. Registration and keeping the account is free.

Who we are?

Amronet is the most modern currency exchange platform on the Internet market. It is based on artificial intelligence algorithm, controlling the whole process of customer service and its transactions. is a platform enabling currency exchange between service users.


We work with all banks in Poland. Find out more.