More about Amronet?

Are you very busy running your business? Do you need a fast and reliable way to control your funds? Do not waste your time and use our currency exchange system without leaving home! Attractive rates and simple currency exchange system will allow you to achieve huge money savings!

Discover our modern online currency exchange system that was verified by thousands of satisfied Customers! The Internet exchange platform allows you to make currency exchange without the cost of spreads. It’s an offer addressed to companies doing business on international markets and to people with mortgages in foreign currency, people who travel and work abroad, or  have a foreign currency account in Poland. This is a quick and easy method of exchange that doesn’t require leaving your home or company office. Discover all the possibilities that our Internet currency exchange system gives you! is a technologically advanced online currency exchange system, a modern and secure platform for currency exchange through the Internet. can bring large benefits to business owners. By purchasing e.g. EUR 10 000 at, a company can save up to several thousand PLN. Traditional bank or exchange office by selling the currency, adds margin to its rate and thus determines the selling rate. The difference between the selling rate and the rate at which the currency is bought, is the so-called spread rate. It is the cost of most foreign exchange transactions. At banks, in case of the Euro, it is about 7%. An, the online exchange office, only the commission from exchange is charged – 0.2%, which is carried out without cash, at a rate better than in case of a bank or a traditional exchange office. also saves time and guarantees security of your transactions. People exchanging currency online through the Internet, do not have to carry cash with them, so they do not risk its loss on the way to or from the bank or exchange office. Exchange through the Internet is a big time saver, which can be spent on other activities. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Owing to this, you can keep track of the current rates and place orders at any time and from anywhere.


We provide services designed for our Customers’ comfort and satisfaction, with particular emphasis on transaction security and your privacy, paying great attention not only to taking care of your wallets, but also to the protection of personal data. We use the same measures as those that are used in electronic banking: we have an encrypted link, we send a CONFIRMATION for each transaction, and transactions require the approval of the payment by using an SMS Code, whereas  each of your steps can be verified 24 hours a day, in the History of Transactions section. In order to use the exchange platform, all  you need to do is register a free account on in a simple way, and have your own bank accounts in foreign currency and PLN.

The interface is very intuitive, transparent and does not cause any problems while operating it. Every transaction is recorded on a personal account on, and each user receives an SMS notifying of the transactions, even those made partially. For each transaction carried out, you can download an invoice from your account. Now, take advantage of the opportunities that our online currency exchange system is giving you! Enjoy the quick and easy access and control your money easily!


Why Amronet

  • Savings up tp 9%
  • Exchanges 24/7 online
  • Automatic accounting of funds

More about Amronet?

Amronet is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform that enables you to exchange currency through the Internet. By purchasing for example EUR 10 000, you may save up to a couple of thousand PLN.

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