How to make deposits and withdrawals?

In order to make a withdrawal you should log on to, then , on card Deposits you are supposed to choose a currency, clicking on a currency chosen. Afterwards you need to choose a bank from which you want to withdraw money. The money which you would like to exchange should be deposited on a chosen bank account, presented in the right column by writing an account number of the proper currency, owners data and individual title ( which is set for every user).

After making a payment , depending on bank’s accounting system, the funds will be visible as Current Funts.

Attention: The correct individual transfer title would allow fast automatic, identification of Users funds.


Why Amronet

  • Savings up tp 9%
  • Exchanges 24/7 online
  • Automatic accounting of funds

More about Amronet?

Amronet is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform that enables you to exchange currency through the Internet. By purchasing for example EUR 10 000, you may save up to a couple of thousand PLN.

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