Individual transfer title AM / …?

Individual transfer title, starting with AM / … is what each of our Customers receives after the registration in The individual transfer title consists of a sequence of characters and your e-mail address that you have entered in the registration form. If you use the services of the platform, it is as important as your personal ID number, because being anywhere in the world, you can  give the account number to someone from your family, a friend or a contractor, and then the funds deposited by that person will be automatically credited on your account in Amronet. You will receive a notification about the incoming transfer in the form of a text message on your mobile phone and by e-mail. After the sent amount appears on your account, you can manage the money in any way, making full or partial exchange of currency, transfer funds to a Polish or foreign account, in the most convenient time for you. With a debit card for the currency account, after transferring funds to this account, you can take out the currency from cash points abroad, which is a very cost-efficient solution.


Why Amronet

  • Savings up tp 9%
  • Exchanges 24/7 online
  • Automatic accounting of funds

More about Amronet?

Amronet is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform that enables you to exchange currency through the Internet. By purchasing for example EUR 10 000, you may save up to a couple of thousand PLN.

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