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Express transfers

We make transfers faster compared to a bank, ensuring the security of your transactions. We offer our Customers simple and transparent rules as well as attractive exchange rates and cheap transfers. With Amronet you can pay for a money transfer up to 15 times less than in a bank.

Exchange currencies at the best rates

Foreign transfers

This is a pioneering solution that we have prepared for business clients who need to send payments to the account of a foreign contractor. Additionally, if you want, you can order an e-mail confirmation of the transfer. Express mode in means the payment is made on the basis of the D system, which simply means that the transfer will be concluded on the day of the order. However for the express transfer to arrive in 1 day you need to remember to respect the cut-off time.

The cut-off time for express transfer is:
Express EUR and USD cut off time 13:00
GBP and CHF cut off time is 09:00

How do I make an express transfer?


Please select a recipient. Provide the data needed to make the transfer.


Select “Express transfer” The system will automatically execute it.


Enter the payout amount. We make transfers without any amount limits.

We make express transfers in the following currencies:





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